LED Holder & Spacer

LED holders are available in a wide range of options and packages. Circuit Board Indicators with durable housings can be easily and precisely mounted on circuit boards. This product eliminates many steps in the manufacturing process of a circuit board. It also provides an optimized aesthetic solution at the lowest possible assembly cost. 


Part No.   Picture Part No.  For  Data Sheet
LED Holder H31/H32/H3LC13 3mm LED
H51/H52/H52L/H5L4 5mm LED
H82 8mm LED
H102 10mm LED

LED Holder 

(3-in-1 or 4-in-1)

  3CC1 3mm LED
5CC1/5PC 5mm LED
8PC 8mm LED
10PC 10mm LED

LED Holder 

(Right Angle)

  H30-_ 3mm LED
H39-_ 3mm Bi-color LED
H50-_ 5mm LED
H23-_ 2X3X4mm LED
LED Spacer   H33-_mm/H34-_mm 3mm LED
H53-_mm/H54-_mm 5mm LED
H2C3-_mm 3 or 5mm Bi-color LED